Understanding Water Responsibility Through A Garden

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Water is integral to almost all life on Earth. For humans, if we go without it for just a few days then we’d likely die. The question of our moral and civic responsibilities to water is pretty simple in my mind. I view our responsibilities to water as a garden. To properly maintain a garden, one has to protect it from various animals such as birds and rabbits. One must also maintain the soil so it is moist and nutrient-rich to have a well-kept garden. Lastly, one must water the garden so that life is able to flourish. You receive exactly as much as you put into a garden. 

Much like a garden, you get exactly as much as you put into water. Our responsibility to water is to protect it from the pollution that stands to harm it. Our responsibility to water is to make sure that we can maintain its cleanliness. Lastly, our responsibility to water is to share it once it’s clean. Many people go with limited clean water for long periods of time, and that is not healthy. Morally if there is an abundance of water, it is our moral responsibility to make sure that everyone has access to it. 

 So I propose that we replant our garden. For too long, we have been irresponsible gardeners, and we need to start protecting it more. This garden will feed generations to come, and we want there to be a nice foundation on which they can sustain themselves. It is our duty now to help the future gardeners of our world.

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