Valerie Luzadis

Valerie Luzadis

Professor - State University of New York

Valerie Luzadis is Professor of Ecological Economics and Policy and Chair of the Department of Environmental Studies at the State University of New York, College of Environmental Science and Forestry. Her research and teaching focuses on the relationships among social, economic, and ecological systems. Luzadis’ current focus is on systems approaches to social-ecological foundations for conservation and sustainability. Her scholarly work includes a focus on the practice of interdisciplinary science and efforts to collaboratively link science and policy.

Luzadis is currently President of the United States Society for Ecological Economics, having served as leader of the Founding Organizational Committee for the United States Society for Ecological Economics in 1999 and on the Board three times in varying capacities since. She also served in state and national leadership roles in the Society of American Foresters. Luzadis was the first woman to serve as the elected Chair of the House of Society Delegates at the National level in 1996 after having served as Chair at the New York SAF level in 1995-1996. She won the National Young Forester Leadership Award from the Society of American Foresters in 1997. 

Luzadis brings systems thinking to her administrative and professional leadership responsibilities, where her role is often builder and/or restoration and change agent. She focuses on moving institutions from a hierarchical, control-over dominant power regime to one of shared power, responsibility, and respect for all roles. She strongly believes in the co-creative efforts of all to bring about the best experiences and outcomes.

She brings to the academy strong practical experience having worked in Cornell Cooperative Extension and a forestry trade organization for several years. In addition, Luzadis consults with groups such as The Nature Conservancy and The Wildlife Conservation Society to advise and facilitate community-based conservation efforts.

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