We are domesticated animals living in our heads!

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What I find missing most often is that we are a domesticated creature of our own making! We are born into captivity not knowing our natural self, stuck in our heads, looking at distorted images of ourselves, and passing that on to our children! Is it any wonder then that we are a bit confused?
Further, for nearly 2 million years, we have been a tribal species, living cooperatively, sharing and nurturing as a group. This heart-centered experience can still be seen in our young children, who are joyous, generous, caring, and fully engaged. But our society/culture soon makes that less important as our children move further into their heads, largely loosing this connection with their tribal self. Our children grow from experiencing themselves in the world to observing themselves outside of reality. Is it any wonder that large numbers of our civilized creatures are depressed, anxious, lost, searching for meaning, floundering, and a bit crazed by it all?
Our cultural discourse has the power to hide these glaring omissions by whispering reassuring messages about our unique and special status in the world as if special is a good thing. The truth is that avalanches, volcanic eruptions and asteroid collisions are also unique/special as is cancer and algae blooms. And an ocean full of plastic debris is also special and unique in the 4.5 billion year history of our small planet!
Why can we not just admit that no species is more important than any other, no person (or group of people) more important (necessary) than any other? Is it simply that we are profoundly insecure and numb to Life?  
We have forgotten that it is biology that gives rise to psychology. Our heart starts beating 20 days after conception and does not rest until the very end. The head, however, needs to rest 8 hours every day or it will go really crazy! Our heart has a history of 650 million years and is the center of our wisdom. Can we wake up from this hall of mirrors we have created? Can we do so in time to survive all of our success? It is not looking good.

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