What Does The Earth Ask Of Us?

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I believe I am a child birthed by the the earth and the cosmos. I also believe that each one of us are more closely related then we are aware of, and perhaps even want to be. We are all created from the most basic and fundamental building blocks of life, and connected by deeper roots than we have knowledge of. I am a star child and, like you, I am made of stardust. The star continues to live on within me, shining its brilliance through one of the most powerful muscular organs in my body—my heart.

I have been given the opportunity to think about the question “What does the earth ask of us?” deeply and to respond. It seems silly that this is the first time I am sitting down and thinking about this, and that nobody has asked me this before. The earth has given me life, it supports me and cares for me—it is the place that I know as home. Why have I not instituted a practice of reciprocity towards the earth into my life before this? A sacred moment or act that I practice daily to give back to the earth and thank her for all she has given me? We thank our friends and family when we receive a kind gesture and in return we practice reciprocity. However, why is it that when we harvest our crops in the fall, and cut down trees to make shelters we do not practice reciprocity or display our gratification and appreciation for all the earth has given to us?

What does the Earth ask of us? The earth asks us to live within and stand in love, because our hearts are made of magic. Our hearts are more than organs within our bodies performing their functions day in and day out. I know my heart is powerful and capable of magic because of its ability to feel. I know because of the experiences I have had. When I feel the pain of losing somebody it is not my brain that feels but my heart. My brain thinks, imagines, and creates but my brain can not feel. Therefore, my heart is my most powerful organ in my body because of its ability to feel emotions of love, compassion, gratitude, sadness, pain, and so much more.

Why does the earth ask us to embrace our hearts and live within love? Because if our hearts are our most powerful organs in our bodies, capable of feeling miraculous emotions, then we will be living within a state of awareness and consciousness. Awareness which can bring action, focus, and intention. Through awareness we can bring change and embody virtues from our hearts. Living in a state of disconnection where your actions and emotions are separate creates a division between you and the earth. It creates a situation where you act solely from your brain, an organ which is not capable of feeling emotions. It makes for a person who goes through life taking what they wish without gratification and reciprocation to the earth.

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