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Powerful inner strength. Something that can only be achieved when a human being is able to tap into that force. When that’s firmly done there is nothing a human being can’t do. They can banish the word “can’t” from their vocabulary. In theory we are all royal. It saddens me that as human beings we can’t live as one and we’re so against each other by being so competitive. We’re in danger of self-destruction. The planet will not be destroyed because it infinitely continues. As it is now human beings feel they need to be vile creatures to survive this rat race: it doesn’t have to be that way. You get a smile from another person when it’s in their favour; there’s always an ulterior motive to another human being’s kindness or niceness. There’s too much fear and too many insecurities flying around the place. We never seem to practice what we preach. Everyone is out to deceive everyone else, especially those who are oblivious to the games that go on. Those who have authority over the rest of us see their patch as their “playground.” And we are merely their toys. It really is a crying shame what the citizens have to tolerate.We are told “you have rights” but when we try to assert our rights barriers are put up. The media is used to perpetuate this belief that we as human beings are powerless. So the human race is kept asleep though eyes are very much open: the mind is asleep. Human beings are chasing degrees in order to hold an adequate position in life allowing sufficient pay to override the cost of living. When they do eventually get that piece of paper they fraught to get there is not an ounce of genuine happiness . They remain as empty as ever before.

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