When ignoring our feelings as the interpretation of nature in our minds

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When we see ourselves separate from nature we feel ourselves parts of inanimate objects of cities, alone and guilty through unconscioussness while losing various feelings coming to us from many sensory data. This in turn may decrease capacity of our brains, perhaps diminish “biodiversity” of central nervous system neural oathways via decreasing interneuronal connections. Our attitudes may become monotonous, with less awareness toward environment. We can no longer see what the mutual events occurring between different living things, individuals, even objects of our daily lives while we are crossing bridge, forest, park, suburb in a way our mental funtions are extremely restrictef due to that common stress shared by many. Probably others may not be aware of us as well. Meanwhile our sensory organs still can work but processing of them in the brain may be partially reduced, which may slightly begin to lessen the complex combination of our sentimental emotions and logical, rational sights when judging some more complicated situations we faced. The monotonous, tiring living pattern may also lessen our social relations, and playing with others capacity and will. This ignorance also may loss our innate nature perception while losing some very important cognitive functions might result in Alzheimer disease through years. Such kind of humans may also forget healing capacity of bird songs and watch. Bird voiced may actually erase our undesired urbam crowd and traffic jam disturbance responses driven by our autonomous nervous system, so protect our nervous system and blood pressure induced artheriosclerosis. People abuse alcohol, cigar, medical drugs etc. when ignoring seeing nature in her/his environment, cannot create anything, solve complex problems, loss altruistic behavior, cannot escape from mental illness and so forth. People under these circumstances cannot assess the meaning of life, thus remained underdeveloped.

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