When We’re Humans

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I think what it means to be human is to make mistakes and then learn from them and we will brake and fall down but eventually we will pick ourselves right back up. Being human is not being perfect. What it means to be human is how we see ourselves as people and how we think our  future can be. You choose what path you want to take, and being a human you’re going to want to go the path everyone else is taking but you can not always do that because you will fall hard but it happens we are, at the end only humans. Being human is hurtful sometimes but wonderful other times. It almost always gets worst before it gets better, and a lot of humans must understand that. When you are human there will be many challenges that we have to face, you will win some, you lose some. Again being human is not being what they like to call, “perfect,” it’s you being you and not being someone your not. Being human is not just surviving the wars you go threw, but living in the moments because being human and young will not last forever. So what it means to be human may forever be a mystery because everyone will have there own point of  views at it, but this also makes us human we want to be right sometimes and just know were all human and were never alone!!! When you’re human you go through changes in life and will have to adapt to them but at some point every human goes threw that.

~nathalie “me” :p #human#lesson#challenges#faith#truths#changes#life#love

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