Who constitutes the we?

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It is important to clarify who constitute the ‘we’. Who sees ourselves as separate? Do all human beings sees themselves separate or are there anyone who does not see themselves separate from nature. This is important to address because we who are separated from nature can learn from those who are not.

I have been living with illiterate rural communities in India from 1989 0r so and has been quietly observing how they are so different from the so-called educated. How they become an integral part of nature, naturally, and how we educate ourselves to get out of it. This may seem ridiculous as the most celebrated aspect of modern humans is their ‘education’ and of course language. So in what way is the ‘education’ and language different from us.

what aided my observation is that I stopped reading for a few years and hence acquired the natural way of seeing. which means seeing without the mental constructs that we are very good at. We as educated, developed, civilized, etc… What this also means is that there two ways of seeing- one is as a tool of the body and the other as a tool of the mind. And that there two types of languages and one is constructed out of experiences and the other from the concepts that one acquires from the books.

Unless we the so-called educated are willing to re-examine various notions we have constructed we will only increase our alienation in real life but write very romantically in books.
The most important thing to be reexamined is the notion of education as it is through education that we uproot ourselves from nature.  We do not use the life given faculty to make sense of the world. 

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