William B. Miller, Jr.

William B. Miller, Jr.

Author, Physician

William B. Miller, Jr, MD is a physician, evolutionary biologist, and lecturer on the new science of the hologenome and the impact of the microbial sphere on evolutionary development. His text, The Microcosm Within: Evolution and Extinction in the Hologenome (Universal Publishers, 2013), presents a critical rethinking of NeoDarwinism based upon a carefully researched reappraisal of the established relationships between microbes and eukaryotic macroorganisms.

He attended undergraduate and medical school at Northwestern University in the Six-Year Medical Honors Program and was elected to the medical honor society, Alpha Omega Alpha. Following a surgical internship at Barnes Hospital in St. Louis and residency in diagnostic radiology at Washington University at the Mallinckrodt Institute of Radiology, he began a 30 year practice of diagnostic radiology and served as a Clinical Assistant Professor of Diagnostic Radiology at Penn State University.

His interest in evolution was sparked by chance visit to the Field Museum in Chicago. From that beginning, his research has led to very differing conclusions from mainstream Darwinian evolution concentrating on the role of cognition at every scope and scale, cellular dynamics, and immunologic interactions. He is the author of numerous academic papers, a wide variety of articles on infectious disease and the hologenome, and actively lectures on these topics to both academic and general audiences. Currently, he is a co-editor of the Society for the Advancement of Meta-Darwinism, a new pluralistic academic forum encouraging the presentation and discussion of divergent views on evolutionary development. 

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