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When we see ourselves as a part of nature I think that it gives us more respect towards the world that we live on and everything beyond. But the big question here is what is nature? What separated nature from us and is it separate at all? These are just a couple of the possible questions that can be brought up. Personally, for me, nature is a group or area of un-altered space at least by human means, but for others, this answer could be different.

If and when we separate from nature or the natural world it changes and our thoughts towards nature at least at the present and how we tend to use it as a means of saying that it can be used as we see fit without consideration for everything and everyone that the wilderness means something to or are dependent on.  

We as humans think that we have complete power over the earth but the earth can also control everything’s lives if not taken care of or respected. we as humans think that there will be no consequences at least for a few thousand years but that mistake is catching up with us at the moment unless we strive and put our time and money into helping not only ourselves and businesses. I think that in the past as well we have been able to live along with nature and wild animals but at the present, we fear what we do not know so we don’t branch out to help when disasters arise at least the majority of people. I think if we try we can reconnect with nature in a positive manner it would benefit us as well as the world, we are so focused on technological advancement that we don’t take the time to look back on how we were able to get to the point that we are at.

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