Andrea Criscione

Andrea Criscione

Senior Research Associate - Responsive Management

Andrea is a Senior Research Associate with Responsive Management. She holds a Master’s degree in English from Virginia Tech, with a concentration in communication studies, and a Bachelor’s degree in sociology from Bridgewater College. She is co‑author, with Mark Damian Duda and Martin F. Jones, of the 2010 book The Sportsman’s Voice: Hunting and Fishing in America.

Andrea’s primary responsibilities at Responsive Management include survey design and development and project management. Since joining Responsive Management in 2004, Andrea has assisted with and served as project manager for numerous studies related to natural resource, fish and wildlife, and outdoor recreation issues. She is credited with writing and developing over 100 surveys focused on attitudes toward natural resource and outdoor recreation issues. In addition to managing projects and developing surveys, Andrea also writes and edits reports and conducts focus groups.

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