Ceara Donnelley

Ceara Donnelley

Board Chair
Center for Humans & Nature

Since her father Strachan Donnelley’s death in 2008, Ceara Donnelley has been committed to carrying forward his work and legacy. She has done so as a board member, co-chair, and now chair of the Center for Humans and Nature, the non-profit Strachan founded to explore and promote human responsibilities to nature, and as co-editor of Frog Pond Philosophy, a compendium of Strachan’s best writing and thinking that was published in 2018 by the University Press of Kentucky.

When not engaged in the philosophic and strategic work of helping to realize her father’s vision, Ceara is creating her own as founder of Ceara Donnelley Ltd. Co., an interior design studio based in Charleston, South Carolina. Her design work focuses on creating homes full of beauty and comfort that become the backdrop for the unfolding of rich and full lives. She complements this attention to the inner sanctum with service to the greater Charleston environment, both human and natural. She is also on the board of the South Carolina Coastal Conservation League (where she has also served as chair), and she is also on the board of the Charleston Library Society.

Ceara graduated from Yale summa cum laude with a BA in History, and later received her JD from Yale Law School. She splits her time between New York City and Charleston, where she lives with her two children, two dogs, and four cats, recreating the Dr. Dolittle menagerie of her own childhood.


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    Collection of essays by Strachan Donnelley, co-edited by Ceara Donnelley and Bruce Jennings and published by University Press of Kentucky (2018)
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