CHN Bookshelf January 2017

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A regular feature calling attention to important books and articles that CHN staff, board, and col­laborating scholars are reading and recommend. Quot libros, quam breve tempus.

J.M. Bernstein, Torture and Dignity: An Essay on Moral Injury (University of Chicago Press, 2015).

H. Dreyfus and C. Taylor, Retrieving Realism (Harvard University Press, 2015).

M. Engelhard, Ice Bear: The Cultural History of an Arctic Icon (University of Washington Press, 2016).

R. Grusin, ed., The Nonhuman Turn (University of Minnesota Press, 2015).

B. Hale, The Wild and the Wicked: On Nature and Human Nature (MIT Press, 2016).

E. Kohn, How Forests Think: Toward an Anthropology Beyond the Human (University of California Press, 2013).

O.H. Pilkey, L. Pilkey-Jarvis, K.C. Pilkey, Retreat from a Rising Sea: Hard Choices in an Age of Climate Change (Columbia University Press, 2016).

N.L. Rosenblum, Good Neighbors: The Democracy of Everyday Life in America (Princeton University Press, 2016).

R. Scranton, Learning to Die in the Anthropocene: Reflections on the End of a Civilization (City Lights Books, 2015).

B. Tokar, Toward Climate Justice: Perspectives on the Climate Crisis and Social Change (New Compass Press, 2014).

R.M. Unger and L. Smolin, The Singular Universe and the Reality of Time (Cambridge University Press, 2015).

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