Clayton Samuel King

Clayton Samuel King


Barrie, Ontario-based multi-media artist Clayton Samuel King has been sharpening his skills in the creative arts for the past fourteen years. Clayton has developed predominantly with acrylic paint but has worked with several other mediums in the past like First Nations crafts, photography, sculpture, ink, graphite, and more recently writing. Mr. King has displayed his art mainly in Ontario as a regional artist in which he has presented his work in seven solo exhibitions and forty-one selected group exhibitions. His artwork has been acquired by many public and private collectors all over Turtle Island and abroad.

Deeply rooted and influenced by Anishinaabek culture, Clayton continues to contribute to the education sector in Simcoe County and surrounding area by facilitating Anishinaabe cultural and historical workshops and lectures. In the past he has served on many boards and committees ranging from local to national levels.

The common themes in his work relate to his Indigenous cultural background that is highly influenced by the Professional Native Indian Artist Incorporated, three generations of Woodland School artists and the sublime of nature. He does his best to interpret the knowledge that has been bestowed upon him to help sustain and preserve Anishinaabek culture, history, and identity. 

Throughout his career Clayton has received four grants, eight awards, and was named the Emerging Artist of the year by the City of Barrie’s Department of Culture in 2014. He has served his community of Beausoleil First Nation as their Treaty and Historical Researcher, Elected Band Councillor and most recently as their Heritage and Cultural Coordinator.

Clayton was born and raised in St. Catharines, Ontario and graduated with a Fine Art Advanced Diploma from Fanshawe College in 2010. Mr. King is of Bodewadmi (Potawatomi) Anishinabek and Chi Mookomaan decent and is a member of Beausoleil First Nation, otherwise known as Chimnissing.

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