Leathery Little Saints

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Listen and watch the recording of “Leathery Little Saints” by comic artist Fionn McCabe reading his graphic narrative about parenting, climate change, and Bats. Visit Fionn McCabe’s bio page for more information on his creative adventures. “Leathery Little Saints” was produced by Animal Allegories for the Future Fables: Lessons from Other Animals project.
BELOW: Read “Leathery Little Saints” via the PDF file, offering you a different format for experiencing this story. Also, learn the story behind Animal Allegories’ Future Fables: Lessons from Other Animals and its founders. 

Future Fables: Lessons from Other Animals

Curated by Ceridwen Dovey and Zoë Sadokierski from Animal Allegories.

“Leathery Little Saints” is a comic story curated for Animal Allegories’ Future Fables: Lessons from Other Animals project. The off-kilter stories that make up the Future Fables  collection are intended to open up new thresholds for considering how humans relate to the more-than-human species around us. These stories emerged alongside another project Animal Allegories is developing with the Australian Museum, titled “Survival Stories: Threatened Species and the Scientists Who Study Them.” Visit the Animal Allegories page for more information about Future Fables.

Humans and Nature Press Digital is honored to present Future Fables as an ongoing digital story gallery highlighting a variety of text, audio, video, and artwork capturing the power of human and nature encounters and connections. Stay tuned for more fables to come.

  • Fionn McCabe

    Fionn McCabe is an artist, printmaker and cartoonist living on Gadigal land in Sydney, Australia. He Co-produces Read To Me with Gabe Clark and Evie Hilliar. He also teaches some classes at University of Technology, Sydney.
  • Animal Allegories

    Collaborating as Animal Allegories, Zoë Sadokierski and Ceridwen Dovey craft experimental, visually surprising tales of animal entanglements. We know stories can't save the world. But they can provide moments of respite, transporting us into an imaginative realm where future possibilities shimmer briefly into view.

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