Sarah Jené

Sarah Jené

Artist and Curator – How We Get Over: We Grow On

Sarah Jené is an inspired multidisciplinary artist who uses fashion and visual art to highlight and embrace her community. She encapsulates the art of Blackness and the beauty of interpersonal relationships to reimagine and celebrate the Black experience. Sarah Jené does this through curated events and her art brand, Thee Black Card, digital and paper collage art.

Whether it’s through an installation or conversation, her goal is to connect and create spaces for Black people to feel seen and celebrated. Her desire is to use her various art-forms as a vehicle to enlighten and embrace her community and highlight Black Culture.

Contributions to Humans and Nature Press:

• How We Get Over: A Conversation with Sarah Jené and Jasmine Williams
Listen and read this conversation about loss, grief, and Southern Black community.

Additional Noteworthy Links:

• How We Get Over: We Grow On
Learn about the installation Sarah Jené and Jasmine Williams curated at the Mississippi Museum of Art.

• Sarah Jené on Instagram
Find more and follow Sarah Jené’s artwork.

Photo credit:  Lauren Moneí

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