Touched by the Land Together

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The land holds so many diverse stories which unfold and reveal themselves as I allow myself to see and be touched by its being(s). Where are my eyes drawn to ? What do I smell, hear and feel within as I explore, open to my senses without thoughts in mind. Through simply being here is a resonance with that which touches me. Without judgement or needing hastily to name that which touches me, the flow of sensations can take and guide me into the stories which it holds; holds hidden to my mind yet open before my senses. How can I put into words ? Or should it be danced to or sung to, or simply shared in silence with my breath.  
There seem to be layer upon layer of stories and as I walk the land in the company of others, the stories which reveal themselves widen, diversify and bring greater depth of vision and feeling between us all. We all can see and feel something different in the presence of the land, even if it is the deep silence of timelessness. Our understanding respect and love of the land grows as each shares their feelings as something of the expressions they see; see or re member within themselves.

It is not just the visible but also the invisible which touches us deeply inside, which bring the stories alive. Through allowing inner and outer relationships to touch into us, such a wide feel of inter-connected stories and memories can arise as we, a group yet one being, can better express the diversity, both apparent and invisible.

We need each other as the land is patient and can help us all to remembering our own time, even if no words arise.

We are all part of this net through which space and time flow; a knowingness to be shared and felt in empathy.

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