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Being human these days could be likened to being German post Holocaust.   Deep set shame and guilt from head in the sand, rabbit in the headlights denial and apathy disguised as political correctness.  

They knew new back then the Holocaust was coming but they too did nothing about it.  

It it is most definitely easier to fool a human being than it is to tell them they have been fooled. And the saying ‘”it only takes good men to do nothing for evil to prevail” is so very true and current.

We go through the pain of evolution without the gain of evolution, choosing instead to dramatise, hijack, and rescue ourselves from the chaos meant to shift us. Prigogene would be turning in his grave at the uninhibited irony of it. And we can see where the statement “no pain, no gain” came from.

There is no change without chaos, and there is no chaos without the breakdown of the old whether it be rust or revolution. Revolution simply turns things around. Evolution moves it forward. Devolution (the current state of humanity) takes it back to where it was before every time.

So how do we become evolutionary beings? It’s all in the letting go of all that was and is. Stop honouring the past for anything more than what got us to the present moment where we can let go of it and everything devolutionary (conditioning from the past) and move forward in it, a perfect flow of awareness and allowance.  

Basically we have to unlearn everything we were ever taught in a process of de-hypnosis.

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