Peter Forbes

Peter Forbes

Facilitator and Consultant

Peter Forbes is an educator, writer and facilitator who is learning and innovating across the boundaries of profession, culture and home and this has made his work influential to the fields of leadership development, sustainability, philanthropy and conservation. You might find him facilitating conservations that matter between Native and contemporary conservationsits, or teaching spoon-carving on a city street, or giving a keynote address on courage, or helping to heal a fracture within a community, or consulting to a foundation on how to strengthen the collective work of their grantees. What Peter cares most about is strengthening peoples’ connections to one another and to the land that sustains them. He practices what he preaches from his family farm in Vermont.

He is the author or photographer of seven books: Our Land, Ourselves, readings on people and place; The Great Remembering: further thoughts on land, soul, and societyComing to Land in a Troubled World; The Story Handbook. What is a Whole Community? Handmade Life; and A Man Apart

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