The divine spirit

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The Divine Spirit

How is it to be a divine spirit but yet, we are all here to learn what it is to be human.
We are all perfect divine spirits, with that said; we are here to choose our human expression of that.
We are the human condition, we choose our own path, all the lessons are part of that experience and become our story…our human journey.
How we succeed on that path is entirely in our hands, all based on our own choices, wants and needs.
To be human is; to be fraught with limitations, time, and space.
To be a human is; to embrace the ambiguity we live in with a open mind, body, and spirit.
It is in this maze that we live in..we can learn to appreciate the delicate balance between of our relationships, love, joy, happiness and respect.
In those lessons; we can realize the sweet rewards that life can give us, the opportunity to live in grace, to grow our spirit and learn to know more deeply the joys, and the woes of being human.
Our glory our light is guided by our journey and so it is, fraught by emotions, and intent… as it is, what it is, to be, or not to be “human”.  

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