The Universe

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As an artist, I like my work to speak for itself. To add a bit of substance though, my work is tied to my personal ethos. I am deeply concerned about the environment and planet Earth, while at the same time I’m fascinated by the universe and all things Hubble/Webb Telescope.

The majesty and beauty of our fragile Earth is a muse—if I can capture her depth, energy and preciousness, I can also share and heighten my awareness of her fleeting uniqueness.

The fluid paint I use has a mind of its own; yet in subtle ways it can be directed for the better of the whole. Rather than trying to control every aspect of the pigments, I find it much more enjoyable to let the paint find its own way, like water does as it forms a meandering stream, or how mountains do as they respond to Earth’s internal forces, resulting in undulating geologic shapes and sizes.

Painting provides a sense of peace and productivity that is unmatched. I feel a profound reverence for nature and have a heightened sense of urgency driving me to engage people through my work. My current series, Universe, focuses on sea level rise, accelerating global temperatures, as well as demonstrating a profound wonder about the planets and space.

  • Catherine Twomey

    If there are two things Catherine Twomey wants to evoke in her art, it's a deep, emotional response to the natural world and a compulsion to try to protect a world increasingly in need of protection. Early on, Twomey experienced joy interacting with and examining nature. Her curiosity and innate ability to communicate visually led her to become a practicing medical illustrator, garnering many industry awards over the years as she illustrated for medicine, health, and education.

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