Why the world isn’t in chaos

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Morality is almost like the soul of our inner self. Our morality tells us what we should do in life. It tells us what’s good, what’s bad, and how we should treat the world around us. It’s what allows us to take part in the very society-based life of a human being. The mind is the logical side of our inner self. It tells us what we need to do to survive, to be successful, what the smart thing to do is. It allows us to problem solve and ascend through life to reach greatness. It’s, arguably, more useful than morality, as it allows to stop and think. Just like any two parts of our inner self, morality and mind can be conflicting at times. The good thing to do isn’t always the smart thing to do. Just the same, the smart thing to do isn’t always a good thing to do. Despite this, the divide between mind and morality isn’t always as significant as we might think. There are so many times where there is overlap in these two ideas.

Most people don’t go around killing each other because it’s neither the smart thing to do nor the good thing to do. I will admit, that is a bit of an extreme example, but you get the picture. The same would be said of less extreme examples, and even for examples that seem to favor either mind or morality more than the other. Most people don’t go around constantly being mean to everyone, especially for no particular reason. This, of course, is in part due to morality- it isn’t nice to constantly be rude to everyone- but it’s also partially due to the mind. It makes no logical sense to do this either. It won’t get you anywhere in life, or benefit you in any way. Furthermore, it could even have a negative impact if, for example, you were rude during a job interview. Mind and morality overall meet at a certain point that both benefits you in a subjective viewpoint, as well as allows you to follow your moral compass.

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